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How to take care of your smartphone battery the right way

16. May 2017

Technology has made it quite easy to access almost every computer-related activity through the use of a smartphone. Smartphones are mostly preferred due to their portability that makes them more convenient to use anywhere. You can easily walk around with your smartphone while running other important activities. However, for a smartphone to last your operation for a longer period of time, it has to be equipped with the right type of battery. Despite getting a perfect battery, what should you do to enhance the life span of your battery? Below are some of the things to consider:

1. Keep your battery cool

Smartphone batteries tend to degrade much faster during high temperatures despite being used or idling around. Lithium-ion battery loses 6% of its maximum size per year at an average temperature of 32 degrees. This percentage increases significantly to 20% at 77 degrees and gets worse at 104 degrees where the battery loses 35%. You should always try as much as possible to maintain your battery temperature low in order to sustain its life span.

2. Avoid wireless charging

Despite being much convenient, wireless charging can have some negative effects on your smartphone's battery. Some wireless chargers generate a considerable amount of waste heat. Wasted energy can be a bummer and would degrade your battery over time. Even though most people find plug-in chargers less convenient, they can help maintain your battery in a good shape.

3. Never go to zero

Suppose you intend to store any lithium-ion battery for a longer duration of time, do not leave it with a charge below 40% so as to allow it maintain its functionality. Lithium-ion batteries do not dissipate power when not in use but are likely to lose about 5 to 10% per month. When lithium-ion batteries face a significant reduction in charge, for example to 0%, they become very unstable, and risky to charge. However, the lithium-ion batteries comprises of built-in-self-destruct circuits, which destroy the battery for good in the event it reaches rock bottom.

4. Consider fast charge only if there is a need to do so

Despite fast charging looking more convenient, it can be harmful to your smartphone's battery. A fast charging feature enables you to charge your phone from zero percent to almost fifty percent in just an hour. Lithium-ion batteries last longer when charged and discharged slowly and at consistent speeds. This is never the case with fast charging. Therefore, to increase your smartphone battery's lifespan, you should always consider going for a slow and steady charging when not in a hurry.

5. Small rules:

The following are some of the small rules to abide by for excellent results;
  • Avoid using power banks all the time: Some power banks are only one cell and are not recommended for charging your smartphone battery. Normally, one cell can't charge one cell because of the chances of wastage.
  • Avoid charging your phone battery in a car: It is usually hard to determine the exact voltage dissipated by a car electronic. Some may produce a voltage that is higher than 5v, which can be harmful to your battery.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone while it is still charging: When charging your phone, it is recommended to leave it load without any disturbance. You should understand that the chips within your mobile phone are normally designed for either a charge or a discharge. An operation involving both charge and discharge can cause a lot of damage to your phone's battery.
  • Avoid loading your phone for a shorter period of time but consider full charging: Full charging will train your battery to retain its operation in an efficient manner. Inconsistent loading will only confuse your battery hence can ruin it over a period of time.










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